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How to select crane wire rope

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Whether the steel wire rope is selected correctly or not will directly affect the service life of the rope and cause structural deformation, fracture and accidental failure of the rope. Therefore, the recommended selection principles are as follows:

1. When the unguided weight is lifted once or the unguided weight is lifted several times at a large height, the non rotating steel wire rope shall be selected;

2. Ordinary steel wire rope can be used when lifting a guided weight once or lifting a guided weight several times at a small height (such as traveling crane) or when left-hand and right-hand ropes are used in pairs.

The determination of the rotation direction of the wire rope shall follow: the drum with the right-hand rope groove is recommended to use the left-hand wire rope; on the contrary, the drum with the left-hand rope groove shall use the right-hand wire rope. For single-layer wound non rotating steel wire rope, the above principles must be strictly followed, otherwise the deformation of the steel wire rope structure may be easily caused; For multi-layer winding, the rotation direction of the rope is determined by the direction of the rope groove of the drum, so as to lay a good foundation for the next layer. The mutual friction force and the squeezing force of the steel wire ropes of the multi-layer winding drum are large, which is easy to cause rope disorder. Therefore, the steel wire rope with a diameter slightly smaller than the pitch of the rope groove and the diameter of the rope groove should be selected to increase the contact area between the steel wire rope and the drum, reduce the friction force between the adjacent steel wire ropes, and improve the service life of the steel wire rope.




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