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Inspection and scrapping of wire rope

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During the hoisting process of the crane, the steel wire rope constantly passes through the pulley and drum groove, which is not only squeezed by tension and friction, but also subjected to torsion and other effects. When the steel wire rope passes through a series of pulleys, it is constantly subjected to the repeated effects of bending and extrusion, and the fatigue causes wire breakage, which gradually occurs and develops. Due to the influence of various factors such as wear and corrosion, the development of broken wires is aggravated, and finally the wire rope is completely invalid. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the wire rope regularly to eliminate the hidden danger of the wire rope and ensure the safe operation of the crane.

According to the maintenance specifications of the crane, the wire rope shall be visually inspected once a week. A detailed inspection shall be carried out once a month. If the wire rope is found to be worn or broken, the judgment of continuing to use or scrapping shall be made according to the seriousness of the situation. For the broken wire phenomenon in the early use of the wire rope, the observation and inspection shall be strengthened, and the development shall be noted. For individual broken wire burrs, the clamps shall be used as far as possible to remove them, so as to avoid harmful effects caused by the broken wire sticking out of the rope strand.




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