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Several Steps in Inspection of Elevator Wire Rope

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It is believed that many people have seen the situation of elevator out of service, but this situation is not necessarily caused by elevator failure, but also may be caused by regular maintenance. For such consumables as elevator wire rope, the loss situation needs to be timely mastered, so as to ensure the safe use of the elevator. Today's small edition will introduce several steps for inspection of elevator wire rope.

1. Diameter inspection: diameter is an extremely important parameter for wire rope rigging. By measuring the diameter, it can reflect the change speed of the diameter, whether the steel wire rope bears too large impact load, whether the tension of the strand rope is uniform during the twisting, and whether the rope core maintains enough support capacity for the strand rope.

2. Wear inspection: wear of steel wire rope is inevitable during use. Through the wear inspection of the wire rope, the contact condition between the wire rope and the matching sheave groove can be reflected. When the performance test cannot be carried out at any time, the actual bearing capacity of the wire rope can be inferred according to the wear degree of the wire rope.

3. Wire break inspection: After the wire rope is put into use, the wire break phenomenon will certainly occur, especially in the later period of use, the wire break development speed will rise rapidly. As it is impossible for the wire rope to stop running once the wire break occurs in the use process (although this phenomenon is not allowed for new wire ropes), the wire break inspection, especially for the wire break within a lay length, can not only predict the continuous bearing capacity of the wire rope, but also indirectly predict the service fatigue life of the wire rope according to the development speed of the number of broken wires.

4. Lubrication inspection: In general, most of the newly delivered steel wire ropes have been lubricated during production, but the loss of lubricating grease will be reduced during use. Since lubrication can not only protect the steel wire rope from corrosion during transportation and storage, but also reduce the friction between steel wires, strands and between the steel wire rope and the matching sheave groove during the use of the steel wire rope, which is very beneficial to extend the service life of the steel wire rope, it is necessary to conduct lubrication inspection to minimize the damage of corrosion and friction to the steel wire rope. Although sometimes the surface of wire rope may not be coated with lubricating grease, the lubrication inspection is still very important from the perspective of anti-corrosion and meeting special needs.




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