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Talking about the characteristics of wire rope sling

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The reason why wire rope sling plays such an important role is that it has irreplaceable characteristics. Now will analyze its characteristics from the material and processing of wire rope sling.

Wire rope sling is a deep-processing product with hot-rolled high carbon steel wire as the main raw material. It belongs to the category of metal products in China's metallurgical industry. The processing process is to produce all kinds of rope making steel wires from hot-rolled high carbon steel wires, and then make wire rope slings of different varieties and structures from rope making steel wires and other materials (such as rope core, steel wire grease, etc.). Wire rope slings have the following characteristics:

1. Wire rope slings and riggings can transmit long-distance loads, and wire rope slings and riggings can bear a variety of loads and alternating loads;

2. Wire rope sling has high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness; Under high-speed working conditions, it has good wear resistance, earthquake resistance and operation stability;

3. The wire rope sling has good wear resistance and can work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media; The wire rope sling has good flexibility and is suitable for traction, pulling, binding and other purposes;

4. The steel wire rope sling has a large bearing safety factor and is safe and reliable to use; The wire rope sling is light in weight and easy to carry and transport.




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