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What are the inspection contents of wire rope rigging

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The use of wire rope slings can only be carried out after professional inspection to ensure the efficiency and safety of the product during hoisting operation. The inspection mainly involves the quality identification of its appearance, twisting quality and internal performance. The mechanical property test of wire rope sling includes the whole rope test and strand breaking test, and the samples are cut from the twisted wire rope. The breaking force test of the whole rope is carried out on the tensile testing machine. The two ends of the sample shall be fixed with different clamps according to the different specifications of the wire rope, so that the clamp can tightly clamp the sample and evenly apply the force to each strand of the sample. In addition, the wire rope shall comply with the provisions of the standard and the minimum breaking force shall be calculated according to the relevant formula. For some special wire rope slings, fatigue test, rubber adhesion test and straightness test are also required.

The inspection content of wire rope rigging is very strict, which is an important guarantee for the quality of wire rope rigging. The quality inspection ensures that the products can be used after reaching the standard, which is not only responsible for the enterprise, but also responsible for the safety of lifting operations.




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