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Wire rope wear is a common hazard of wire rope

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Wire rope wear is a common hazard of wire rope and an important cause of wire rope failure. Because the wire rope touches and moves relative to other objects during operation, it will collide. Under the mechanical, physical and chemical action, the appearance of the wire rope is also constantly worn. Wire wear is generally divided into external wear, internal wear and deformation wear.

1. External wear (pure mechanical wear). During the use of the steel wire rope, the steel wire is worn due to contact with the surface of pulley, drum, hook head, ground rock and other objects. After external wear, the rope diameter becomes thinner, and the thin steel wire on the outer surface of the outer circumference is ground flat.

2. Internal wear. In the process of using the wire rope, when passing through the drum or pulley, all the loads borne by the wire rope are pressed on one side of the wire rope, and the radius of curvature of each thin steel wire cannot be exactly the same. Together, because of the twists and turns of the steel wire, the steel wire in the strand slips. At this time, the touch stress between the strands increases, and the indentation of the steel wire between the adjacent strands is deep. When repeated cycles of stretching and bending, In the deep recesses, stress converges and is broken, forming internal wear. The fracture of the internally worn steel wire is toothed, and the appearance is smooth and concave.

3. Deformation wear (partial wear). Deformation wear refers to the external collision damage of the steel wire rope caused by vibration and collision in terms of the partial wear of the steel wire rope at a certain section. If the steel wire rope on the surface of the drum is hit by other objects, the lifting steel wire ropes of the crane are entangled with each other, and the steel wire rope vibrates and impacts violently on the pulley, it may be caused by the rope biting phenomenon caused by the deflection of the pulley and the drum center. This kind of deformation and wear is part of kneading deformation. The cross-section of the steel wire is expanded into a wing shape from the kneading point to both sides. From the appearance, the width of the steel wire is expanded, and the cross-sectional area of the steel wire is not significantly reduced. However, the steel wire material at some kneading points is hardened, which is very easy to form broken wires.




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