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Compacted Wire Rope

Jiangsu Zhongying Wire Rope Group Co.,Ltd as a professional Compacted Wire Rope manufacturer and supplier in China, all the Compacted Wire Rope have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent Compacted Wire Rope in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • Compacted Wire Rope 4V*39S+5FC 14MM 33MM 34MM For Crane
     This product is equal laid rope. The index of metal filing is high. The strand structure is tight. When the steel wire rope is underworking, the contact stress between wires is small and no secondary bending stress and the contact area between steel wire rope and pulleygroove is large, so the this steel wire rope has characters of wear resistance, fatigue resistance, anti-extrusion performance and easily deformed. Features: The contact between wires is equal laid. The strands of rope are spiral surface contact When the steel wire rope is loading, thecontact stress between strands is small, and then the service life is correspondingly longer. Wire interactive twisted, and then the backwashforce is small.      • Size -   8mm-40mm    • Material - Carbon Steel    • Surface - galvanized or ungalvanized    • Technology - Laid    • Structure - 4VX39S+5FC 
  • Brand Used 6X19 FC Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
    • Size - 1mm-190mm • Material - Carbon Steel, Stainless steel • Surface - Galvanized, bright polished, PVC coated and others • Technology - Laid • Structure - All Type structure for wire rope
  • Hoisting Ungalvanized 35 (W) X K7 Compacted Wire Rope
    Constructure: 18x7+FC/IWS
    Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, ungalvanized,
    Oil coated etc.
    Tensile strength: 1570MPA, 1670MPAN, 1770MPA, 1870MPA, 1960MPA
    Application: Various equipment for hoisting, derricking, lifting, towing, portload and unload, oil well drilling.
  • Compacted anti Rotation Wire Rope 35wXK7 / 35w*k7 28mm 30mm
    • Dia -   5mm-50mm    • Material - Carbon Steel    • Surface - Galvanized, bright polished, PVC coated and others    • Structure - All Type structure for wire rope    • Tensile strength: 1670Mpa; 1770Mpa; 1870Mpa    • Lay direction -  RHO (Right hand ordinary lay)
                                  LHO (Left hand ordinary lay)
                                  RHL (Right hand Langs lay)
                                  LHL (Left hand Langs lay)    




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